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This postdoc project will be part of the ECONOVO research theme 1: Diversity Dynamics, focused on understanding biodiversity dynamics in novel ecosystems (NEs) past and present. This position is focused on isotopic niche dynamics of selected terrestrial megafauna during the Late Glacial and Early Holocene in Europe and/or Africa. The aim of this project will be first to collate relevant stable isotopic data from the literature and available databases, and then model megafaunal isotopic niche spaces comparatively and in relation to background environmental variables and key markers of ecosystem novelty, as inferred from published proxy records and/or models. The postdoc is expected to lead a systematic compilation of published stable isotope values for relevant terrestrial megafauna and to use existing modelling tools (e.g., rKIN, SIBER, nicheROVER) to assess dietary niche breadth and stability across time and space. Further, dietary niches should then be assessed in relation to the pace and nature of ecosystem novelty during these periods. Finally, the postdoc is expected to contribute ideas and concepts to the project and lead at least two high-quality papers in this research area. It is also expected that the postdoc contributes to the project’s public outreach and teaching, as well as collaborating with other team members, including students, sharing skills, and helping solve problems in her/his area of expertise.

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