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This two-day online course introduces the principles and methods of Metalwork Wear Analysis (MWA) to beginners. MWA enables the recognition, evaluation, and interpretation of the traces visible on prehistoric and historic copper-alloy objects by low-power optical and electronic microscopy. The method gives insights into the life cycle of objects including manufacture, uses, repairs, and post-depositional history.
This online course consists of a blend of lectures (introducing key themes and topics) and a practical session led by Heide and Andrea from the lab. Participants will learn how to observe and interpret the marks visible on original bronzes from the Newcastle and Aarhus University collections.
The course is jointly led by Dr Andrea Dolfini (Newcastle University, UK) and Dr Heide Wrobel-Nørgaard (independent researcher). Andrea is interested in prehistoric archaeology, copper-alloy metallurgy, and the social dynamics of interpersonal violence in prehistoric and preliterate societies. He is a specialist in use-wear analysis on weapons and has researched a wide array of early metal tools and weapons through MWA and experimental archaeology. Heide Wrobel Nørgaard is a specialist for crafting and production traces on metal artefacts and specialised in analysing bronze objects. She is interested in non-ferrous metals from Neolithic to Iron Age.

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