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Organized by the Toumba Excavation of the Department of Archaeology and the School of Modern Greek Language, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.
The Summer School will take place in July 2017 and will include both seminars and fieldwork at the excavation site of Toumba in Thessaloniki.

Duration: 3 weeks | Period: 10-28 July 2017
Relating fields: Archaeology, History of Art, Anthropology, Classics and History (preferably with emphasis in Ancient and Medieval periods)
Level: Preferably advanced undergraduate and graduate students
Number of participants: 15-20
Fees: 2000 euros | Discount: 200 euros (registrations till 1 March 2017)
Application deadline: 15 April 2017
Language: English
Contact: marakosp@smg.auth.gr
Toumba excavation: http://toumba.web.auth.gr

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