19th International Course on Stone Conservation (SC15)

ICCROM and the Getty Conservation Institute announce the 19th International Course on Stone Conservation - SC15 that will be held in Rome from 15 April to 3 July 2015. The course announcement is included below.

The primary goal of the course is to improve the practice of stone conservation internationally by providing participants with a holistic understanding of the decay and deterioration of stone, disseminating effective conservation methodologies, and ensuring a practical understanding of appropriate repair methods and long-term management strategies.

In many regions of the world, stone was historically the predominant material used for building and artistic purposes. Accordingly, the conservation and maintenance of architectural and decorative stone is a core activity in such regions. Factors such as climate change, pollution, use demands, lack of maintenance, and inappropriate past treatments present challenges for the conservation of stone buildings, structures and objects. In addition to these factors, the decline in traditional building techniques, craft practices and repair methods is also threatening our ability to sustain stone structures and objects into the future. These conservation issues require a multidisciplinary approach that involves professionals, craftspeople, policy makers and owners.

The International Course on Stone Conservation was created in 1976, and 18 courses have successfully been conducted between then and 2013. The next course, which will take place in Rome in 2015, reflects advances in practice, science, and technology, including the integration of practical methodologies for stone conservation on sites, buildings and structures.

Applications should reach ICCROM by 1 August 2014 to ensure inclusion in our selection process.
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