Offre de thèse : Exploring the artefactual record of feasting during the Orcadian Late Neolithic (York/Nice)

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You will get to work on materials from the Ness of Brodgar UNESCO world heritage site. The site lies at the heart of one of the largest Neolithic ceremonial complexes in Britain, and is likely to have been a prominent place in the political landscape of the time. Distinctive Grooved Ware pottery vessels were deposited across the site’s many structures and spaces, forming the largest assemblage of its kind in Britain. At least some of this pottery is likely to have been used in large-scale communal feasting, while other deposits may reflect the more day-to-day use of vessels for storage, cooking and food consumption. You will conduct lipid residue analyses to examine differences in the use of pottery across the site, including inside structures, communal middens and pit features, to shed light on the manner in which these spaces were used. You will work most closely with project ESR2 to examine the potential for protein survial on this material.

PhD starting October 2021 and recruiting now.

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