Offre de thèse : Mineral-ancient DNA interactions (Vienna)

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The Laboratory for Environmental Geochemistry within the framework of the research platform MINERVA (Mineralogical Preservation of the Human Biome for the Depth of Time) of the University of Vienna is looking for a PhD candidate who is interested to investigate the surface processes and geochemical mechanisms by which minerals capture and preserve aDNA over long timescales.
We seek a highly motivated individual with a strong background in geochemistry who is interested in using state-of-the- art geochemical analyses, microscopy and spectroscopy to elucidate mineral-DNA interactions with the aim to push boundaries in the field of human biome evolution. Applicants for the PhD student position should have a master degree in a relevant field (e.g., Chemistry, Environmental Geochemistry, Mineralogy) and a creative, inquiring and enthusiastic personality.

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