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The project will study the circulation models of two scarce and highly valued resources in the Iberian Recent Prehistory: amber and bronze. The PhD will be focused on bronze metallurgy addressing three general objectives with special focus on the Argaric Culture: 1) Getting a better chronological resolution of the appearance of the first bronzes. 2) Sourcing bronze and its different supply circuits, and 3) Assessing the exchange mechanisms as well as their valuation and social use.
In order to address them, a series of specific objectives have been established: such as establishing whether bronze objects were imported or locally manufactured (options that are not mutually exclusive, so the weight of one and the other will be measured); establishing the provenance of bronze objects and their similarity or discrepancy with bronze objects of other Iberian regions (with special attention to the Iberian NE) to be able to depict exchange networks or areas of influence in the supply of bronzes or tin; contrasting the exploitation of local resources and the possible existence of regional and supra-regional exchange networks operating simultaneously; as well as the dissemination and enhancement of the metallurgical record of the Siret Collections hosted at the National Archaeological Museum and the British Museum.
Each of these objectives requires a specific methodology that involves the use of a wide variety of analytical techniques from other disciplines such as geology or chemistry, which makes this project inherently interdisciplinary.

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