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Do you want to unravel when, why and how people modified the Dutch landscape to deal with challenges and seize opportunities? Are you motivated to link scientific dating methods, archaeology and public outreach? Then we invite you to apply for a PhD position in our team!
We are looking for two hardworking PhD candidates to investigate past human landscape modifications with sophisticated methods. Specifically, you will develop and improve luminescence dating methods to determine when earthworks in the Netherlands were constructed, extended and/or modified. In collaboration with archaeologists, earth and soil scientists you will thereby help to reconstruct the evolution of the Dutch cultural landscape.
We envisage that one PhD candidate will focus on the low parts of the Netherlands, where most earthworks relate to the challenges of living with water (e.g. dikes and dwelling mounds).
The other PhD candidate will focus on the sandy regions, where many earthworks relate to agricultural practices (e.g. celtic fields, banks and plaggic soils). However, a different task division (e.g. method vs. application) may also be possible depending on skills and experience of the selected candidates.

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