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We are looking for highly motivated students interested in designing and developing visual interfaces in collaboration with experts in (digital) humanities within a European project. The ideal candidate has an MSc in Computer Science, and has already gained experience on the intersection of visualization and digital humanities.
The position is financed by the European research project “In/Tangible European Heritage – Visual Analysis, Curation and Communication (InTaVia)”. The InTaVia project aims to draw together tangible and intangible assets of European heritage to enable their mutual contextualization. The development of new means of data creation, curation, and transnational integration is focused. In this context, the University of Southern Denmark will be involved in developing a visual analytics environment to help CH experts to better access, analyze, and visually communicate cultural collections and related biographical and contextual knowledge to the interested public. Together with visualization experts from other European institutions, an information portal for the integration, visual analysis and communication of tangible and intangible cultural assets will be developed. It will support synoptic sense-making and storytelling about European heritage with implications for research, pedagogy, journalism, cultural tourism, creative industries and heritage institutions.

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