Offre de thèse : New insights in Bronze Age metal producing societies in western and central Balkans (Vienna)

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The research tasks of the applicant will have a focus on artefacts dating to the Bronze Age. The successful candidate will be engaged in the evaluation of objects (typology, distribution, dating and context) from Central and Southeastern Europe to gain fundamental knowledge of the archaeology of these regions. Active participation in the FWF projects field activities (surveys, research excavations) on Bronze Age metallurgy is part of the position. Furthermore the successful candidate is required to correlate the afore mentioned archaeological data with the results of archaeometallurgical analyses with regard to regional and supra-regional similarities or differences. The applicant is expected to analyse large sets of analytic data in spatial and chronological perspective in order to elucidate metallurgical and technological background of bronze use and production. The applicant will also be educated in different analytic methods (metallography, SEM-EDS, pXRF, XRF and lead isotope analyses) at the project’s partner institution – the research department for Archeometallurgy, VIAS, University Vienna.

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