Offre de thèse : Working the land, searching the soil: a geophysical framework for diachronic land-use studies (Ghent)

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Your PhD will be conducted within the Earth/Environmental Science leg of this project, which is driven by two key objectives. The first objective is to characterize the geophysical properties of governing soil types in Flanders. By creating a detailed inventory of these property variations, the aim is to provide a flexible and application-oriented geophysical base map for environmental soil studies. The second objective is to model geophysical responses of a broad range of natural and anthropogenic soil variations. By identifying, fine-tuning and combining appropriate transfer functions and integrating these into forward modelling procedures, the aim is to develop a toolkit to allow evaluating the survey potential of commonly deployed geophysical sensors. This will effectively streamline survey strategizing and data interpretation for a suite of near-surface applications. Outcomes of your research will be fed into the archaeological leg of the project, where these will be translated to managerial tools, and drive geophysical investigation of two Neolithic test sites in the Belgian-Dutch sand and loess area.

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