Offre de thèse : Historical data visualization (Luxembourg)

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The focus of this PhD project is to develop an interface for the presentation / visualization of the data that will be harvested throughout the LuxTIME-project. Inspired by new ways of data visualization in the field of bioinformatics, digitized cultural heritage collections, or environmental archaeology, the PhD student should develop creative solutions for “deep mapping” of the Minette region, enabling the exploration of different “layers” and “types” of data in a meaningful and playful way. A close collaboration with ongoing research in the domain of generous/explorative interfaces and data visualization at the participating institutions is envisaged. The PhD student will be hosted at the Centre of Contemporary and Digital History but closely collaborate with the 2 other PhD students of the LuxTIME-project, working at the LCSB and LIST. All three PhD-projects will be framed by a larger group of senior researchers from all three institutions which participate in workshops and supervision of the project.

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