Offre de thèse : Reconstruction of past climate changes and anthropogenic impact on landscapes during the late-Holocene in Normandy (Rouen)

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The PhD project is focused generally on the reconstruction of past climate changes, but more particularly on the anthropogenic impacts on ecosystems from the Gallo-Roman period to the 20th century, by coupling geochemistry analysis (trace elements, stables isotopes) and dating methods on carbonate deposits (speleothems, tufa) with investigations in geo-historical archives (ancient maps, documentary sources) on landscape mutations for the last centuries. On one hand, Investigations in geo-historical archives on land use in Normandy is envisaged by focusing on the construction of a spatial database (GIS) based on archaeological, historical sources, old maps and aerial photos for several sites. The objective is to reveal a general trend of the landscape evolution in Normandy for the last centuries. On the other hand, the candidate will investigate the potential of speleothems to serve as high-resolution coupled archives for past climate and ecosystem conditions. Several speleothems and tufa will be analysed at several resolution levels (annual, decadal, multi-centennial) using geochemical analysis and dating methods (U/Th, C14). A particular focus will be on reconstructing anthropogenic impact for the late Holocene period and paleo-pollutions trends (Pb, S) over a more recent period.

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