Offre de thèse : Biological self-healing for sustainable building and smart Heritage conservation (Newcastle)

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We are looking for a highly motivated and talented Researcher to join the team for Sustainable Building and Smart Heritage Conservation and take a leading role in the innovative field of biological self-healing by exploring the potential of traditional and advanced masonry materials to be responsive to the environment and self-heal via biomineralisation. This exciting research will develop novel technologies based on biological mechanisms that can provide masonry structures with an inbuilt durable immune system. The project aims to (i) promote the adaptation and reuse of existing properties and heritage buildings as an alternative to new construction, (ii) develop smart technologies for reducing the maintenance operations of new and existing structures, offering radical solutions that align with the international targets for sustainable development. This three-year studentship will offer a unique opportunity to join the vibrant and multi-disciplinary Hub for Biotechnology in the Built Environment (HBBE) and the Geotechnics and Structures Research Group at the School of Engineering. The project will be supervised across Architecture, Civil Engineering and Biological Sciences.

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