Offre de thèse : Living Museums: creating a Built Heritage Asset Management Information System (BMIS) to assist decision making in the Heritage sector (Belfast)

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This is a collaborative project between Queen’s University Belfast (QUB) and National Museums NI (NMNI), which owns two living museums in Cultra and Omagh. The conservation and management strategy at both sites has been successful in maintaining these unique exhibitions for posterity, providing a bank of experience and knowledge which will feed into the project. Living museums bring together translocated heritage buildings and traditional practices onto a single site. This creates an invaluable educational resource; however, exhibits require a lot of maintenance and are increasingly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. They increasingly require structure-specific adaptation plans which are sympathetic to their uniqueness. The primary aim of the project is to utilise geospatial technologies to aid decision making regarding conservation and adaptation strategies at living heritage sites. It will do this by collating a wide range of different data about each exhibit including their provenance, construction material, conservation histories, states-of-repair, and climate vulnerability, facilitating evidence-based scenario modelling on a structure-by-structure basis.
Applicants should have (or be expected to obtain) at least a Masters degree at 2.1 or higher in a relevant discipline, such as Archaeology, Geosciences, Architecture, Geography or Computer Studies. A background knowledge or experience of GIS and/or built heritage conservation is beneficial.

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