Doctoral Research Fellowship, Environmental Archaeology and/or Archaeometry University of Oslo (Norway)

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The PhD project will be positioned within the field of Environmental Archaeology and/or Archaeometry, and should explore connections in the past between humans and their environments. The successful candidate will employ results from archaeometric tools such as stable isotope analysis, radiometric dating techniques, organic chemistry (e.g., coprostanols, bile acids), inorganic chemistry (e.g., metals, ceramics, glass), or study faunal and/or plant remains. The project description must be theoretically and methodologically grounded in current practice, and should include a clear roadmap for completing scientific analyses needed for finalising the PhD. To this end, collaborations with other academic institutions or laboratories for specific analyses are welcome. The project will be supervised by Associate Professor David Wright and is funded by the Faculty of Humanities, University of Oslo. The candidate will be based in Oslo.

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