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We are looking for a PhD candidate to be part of the Research team of the ERC Consolidator READ. The selected candidate will carry out research to determine dietary strategies of early caprines managed during domestication processes from archaeological sites in Syria, Jordan and Turkey and by analysis of trace element concentrations. The research goals include: 1/ Build a modern reference data set from modern ancestors of sheep and goat in the Near East; 2/ Biogeochemical analysis on fossil bioapatite tooth enamel samples using sequential series; 3/ Reconstruct induced changes in feeding habits: detecting natural seasonal feedings against artificial foddering strategies, even at seasonal level. The PhD will be required to take responsibility for all the steps involved in the zooarchaeological and biogeochemical study to determine the human control over the induced changes in feeding habits of early caprines managed during domestication processes. This will involve but will not be limited to create a corpus of trace element analysis from modern wild caprine ancestors hosted in different institutions and archaeological caprines samples to determine by alkaline-earth Sr/Ca and Ba/Ca ratios and others trace element analyses the i) disruption of natural, seasonal feeding habits; ii) detect addition of resources not available in the natural environment to the diet (foddering strategies). S/he will work together with the PI and other post-docs to proceed mechanical sampling, treatments and modeling of trace element data. We also contemplate the possibility of performing radiogenic isotopic analysis, if necessary, in order to achieve the scientific objectives proposed.

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