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Candidates are invited to apply for a PhD fellowship focused on submerged paleolandscape analysis primarily by means of marine geophysical data and sediment cores. The call is for two PhD positions. The successful candidate will be part of a newly established research group working to assess and quantify the preservation degree of drowned paleolandscapes and the response of low-topography landscapes and environments to rising sea level. More broadly, the project aims to utilize the geological archives of the eastern North Sea Basin to grow our basic understanding and reference framework for how low-topography landscapes and environments respond to rising sea level and climate change over longer time scales. The two PhD candidates will be working closely together and will be an integrated part of the research group. They will focus on establishing a Drowned Paleolandscape Atlas, describing the geophysical characteristics of specific preserved landscape types and linking seismic morphologies to various paleoenvironments. The project also involves possibilities of numerical modeling approaches including machine learning.

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