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Applications are invited for a PhD studentship, to be undertaken at Imperial College London (Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department) and the National Gallery (Scientific Department). In the cultural heritage sector, there is a long tradition of using complementary imaging techniques to further understanding of artworks, looking at and below their surface. The imaging techniques (or modalities) used include visible images taken at different magnifications, images taken using different forms of radiation (e.g. infrared reflectograms and X-radiographs) and images derived from datacubes generated using newer spectroscopic imaging techniques such as macro X-ray fluorescence scanning (MA-XRF) and reflectance imaging spectroscopy (RIS). These multimodal datasets contain a wealth of information which when properly exploited offer unprecedented insights into the creation and history of Old Master paintings, including conservation and deterioration. This work provides new knowledge and discoveries that can be communicated in a very visual way to the public, including through a range of digital media, enhancing their engagement with paintings.

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