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VANGOGH (Unravelling and predicting degradation of canvas paintings: a multiscale and multiphysics framework) is a challenging research project funded by the European Research Council (ERC Starting Grant). We are currently building a team of talented and enthusiastic researchers to work on this exciting research program. Traditional canvas paintings represent an inestimable cultural legacy, holding artistic and historical value. At the same time, however, from an engineering perspective, canvas paintings are also sophisticated multiphase hierarchical systems subjected to complex loading conditions triggered by the interaction between multiple physical fields. This complicated scenario may result in different degradation mechanisms, including wrinkling of the painting surface, cracking, delamination, and flaking of the paint, which crucially affect the appearance, integrity, and longevity of the artworks. The goal of this PhD project is to unravel the origin of the multiscale and multiphysics processes affecting the degradation response of canvas paintings, by means of advanced experimental methodologies framed in the context of experimental micro-mechanics.

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