Logo University of BristolThe Animals and Society in Bronze Age Europe project will explore the role of animals as active participants in Bronze Age social worlds. The project brings together a multidisciplinary team of scholars to undertake contextual, zooarchaeological, isotope, iconographic, pottery lipid residue and aDNA analysis to investigate human-animal sociality, examining herd management; patterns of human-animal interaction; animal mobility and exchange; the role of animals in feasting and ritual; and their location in cultural taxonomies. The overarching aim of the advertised PhD studentship is to gain insights into how animals were farmed, managed and consumed in Bronze Age Europe using state-of-the-art biomolecular and isotope approaches. The PhD student will (i) characterise archaeological lipids preserved in Bronze Age ceramic vessels to shed light on the use of animal products in both everyday and ritual contexts, and (ii) gain information on seasonal variations in animal diet using isotope analyses of collagen amino-acids. Three main study areas will be targeted as part of the studentship and the broader project: southern Britain, northern Netherlands and southeast Poland.

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