Offre de thèse : Ancient astral science in transformation (Berlin)

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The ERC Advanced Grant project “ZODIAC – Ancient Astral Science in Transformation” investigates ancient astronomical and astrological practices in the wake of the introduction of the zodiac (ca. 400 BCE – 300 CE) through textual, tabular, iconographic and other sources from Babylonia, Egypt, the Greco-Roman world and beyond. The ZODIAC team is led by Principal Investigator Mathieu Ossendrijver (history of ancient science; Assyriology; astrophysics) and includes postdoctoral researchers in Assyriology, Egyptology, papyrology/classics and digital humanities. The project is hosted at the Institute for the History of Knowledge in the Ancient World of the Fachbereich History and Cultural Studies. The successful applicant will collaborate with Principal Investigator Mathieu Ossendrijver and the ZODIAC team to pursue a PhD project on the history of mathematical astronomy with a focus on the accuracy of astronomical computation in Babylonia and the Greco-Roman world. Preference will be given to candidates with a background in an exact science (astronomy, physics, mathematics, informatics) and a field of ancient philology (e.g., Assyriology; classics) or history of science.

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