Offre de thèse : Historical bio-based treatment methods for heritage conservation (Amsterdam)

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This PhD will investigate historical recipes for conservation treatments (focused on cleaning of painted surfaces and on the stabilisation of active corrosion of glass/ceramic and metal objects). Such recipes were developed in a low-tech environment using natural, unrefined, non-synthetic materials and may provide inspiration for green(er) alternatives to current methods. Using recipe analysis, reconstruction and chemical characterisation, the PhD will select methods for further development, towards their integration into conservation practice. The PhD position is offered within the EU Horizon-CL2-2021 Heritage project “GoGREEN: green strategies to conserve the past and preserve the future of Cultural Heritage”, a four-year research project with 12 partners (universities, museums and research institutes) from 5 European countries and 2 affiliated countries. GoGREEN responds to the UN 17 sustainable development goals by providing conservators with solutions to practice conservation with lower energy consumption, less toxic materials and fewer plastics. Within the project, we develop theory, tools, materials, decision making aids and educational material that will support conservators in choosing and applying green strategies, both for preventive and remedial conservation.

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