Offre de thèse : Caribbean palaeoecology - human-fire-vegetation interactions (Jena)


Logo Max Planck JenaThe successful candidate will be expected to contribute to cross-disciplinary research on the influence of human-environment interactions in the Caribbean. Isolated Caribbean islands represent “natural laboratories” to examine past fire and vegetation dynamics prior to human occupation and through distinct changes in land use associated with Indigenous settlement, Colonial occupation, and later industrialization. The successful candidate will help collect sediment cores from lakes and lagoons in close proximity to archaeological sites in the Caribbean. They will then analyze the resulting cores using palaeoecological approaches such as pollen, charcoal, and macrofossil analysis to reconstruct late Holocene vegetation and fire histories within the context of changes in human history and land use. The candidate will work in a leading global center for archaeology and palaeoecology, the Department of Archaeology at the MPI-Geoanthropology, renowned for combining palaeoecological, archaeological, anthropological, geochemical, and palaeoenvironmental expertise in field and laboratory methodologies.

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