Offre de thèse : Computational mechanics applied to cultural heritage (Eindhoven)

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NUANCES (An integrated numerical-experimental approach to predict aging of oil paintings) is a challenging research project funded by NWO (Dutch Research Council) within the VIDI Talent Scheme Grant. We are currently building a team of talented and enthusiastic researchers to work on this exciting research program. An enormous percentage of oil paintings in museum collections, ranging from the sixteenth century to the present time, suffers from different types of chemo-mechanical deterioration phenomena. These are due to complex chemical processes that occur spontaneously as the paintings age and may ultimately affect the integrity and longevity of the painted surfaces. The goal of this PhD project is to unravel the origin of the changes in the chemo- mechanical response of oil paintings through time, by developing a computational model that simulates the time-dependent degradation of paints as a function of the most critical chemical and physical processes.

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