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SEACHANGE is a large international project (ERC Synergy) that seeks to understand how marine ecosystems responded to, or potentially drove, major transitions in human history. The SEACHANGE team is generating exciting new archaeological, paleoenvironmental and ecosystem data and ideas about early traces of human influence on the sea, and we want you to work with us to develop and test hypotheses to explain the transitions that these data reveal. The major cultural transitions being examined span Mesolithic fishing to Neolithic farming in North West Europe, Viking settlement of Iceland in 874AD, pre-industrial to industrial fishing in the North Sea, European colonialization of Australia, and the advent of industrial whaling off the pristine Antarctic continent. Using simplified shelf sea models and marine ecosystem modelling tools we aim to understand how changes in the climate system, local oceanography, and human pressures might have led to ecosystem reorganisation as humans exerted their influence.

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