Offre de thèse : Paleoclimate modelling and downscaling (Braunschweig)

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We are seeking a highly motivated doctoral researcher for the VolkswagenFoundation-funded research project within the research network on the subject of “Climate Change and Early Humans in the North”. The state of Lower Saxony in northern Germany has an outstanding cultural heritage of early human history with internationally renowned sites such as Schöningen, Lehringen and Einhornhöhle that equally provide valuable paleoenvironmental and paleoclimate archives for novel research at the intersection of natural and archaeological sciences. With this funding initiative, the research expertise of various universities and non-university research institutions in Lower Saxony will bundle their efforts in order to gain new insights into the behavior of early humans and natural climate change in the deep past. The first part of the PhD project relates to investigations of paleoclimatic simulations concerning the influence of changes in mean climate and atmospheric circulation during Heinrich events. An important question in this context is whether those abrupt events could also have had an impact on mid-European climate and hence also potentially the human settlements. The base for those investigations are available global paleoclimate simulations. A second important question, operating on smaller spatial scales, is on the influence of catabatic winds from ice sheets into the foreland: The GCM simulations are too coarsely resolved to investigate these winds, but regional climate model simulations and statistical downscaling techniques will allow appropriate investigation.

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