Offre de thèse : Analysis of material culture recovered from MSA sites in South Africa (Bergen)

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The applicant is expected to write a PhD dissertation related to the analysis of various categories of material culture (e.g., bone and stone tools, ostrich eggshell remains, marine shell) recovered from SapienCE MSA sites in South Africa. The proposed project should develop innovative methods of laboratory analysis of material culture in association with our Principal Investigators (Dr. Karen van Niekerk, University of Bergen, Norway, and Professor Francesco d’Errico, University of Bordeaux). The applicant is expected to participate in archaeological fieldwork and laboratory analyses in South Africa when pertinent to the proposed PhD project. The material culture in question is physically located in South Africa. The applicant will actively participate in the SapienCE research group that is based at The Department of Archaeology, History, Cultural Studies and Religion in Bergen.

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