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Together with Ghent University (Department of Applied Physics, Research Unit Plasma Technology) and the Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage (KIK-IRPA) in Brussels, the research group Antwerp Cultural Heritage Sciences (ARCHES) of the University of Antwerp is looking for a joint, full-time (100%) doctoral candidate in the interdisciplinary field of Applied Sciences and Heritage science, focussing on the cleaning of heritage objects by non-thermal plasma-generated atomic oxygen. You will work actively on the preparation and defence of a PhD thesis dedicated to the development and study of a new green, contactless cleaning technology for the active treatment of heritage objects, based on non-thermal plasma-generated atomic oxygen. More in particular, your work will focus on studying the effect of atomic oxygen on the surface of heritage materials. You will characterize both the efficiency of the removal of different organic contaminants on the surface, and the potential unsolicited chemical reactions in the substrate material.

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