Offre de thèse : Late Holocene archaeology and land-use history of the Philippines (Brisbane)

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We are currently looking for a PhD candidate to date several key archaeological sites in the Philippines. The primary focus of this role is to apply and develop new sampling and dating techniques on the Holocene record of human arrival on the islands. Archaeological research in Southeast Asia is a focus of Australian Research Centre for Human Evolution (ARCHE) and there is a need to develop a better understanding of history of land-use in the Philippines. The Philippines was settled by Negritoes and were joined by Austronesians around 4000 years ago. The cultural landscape of the Philippines is the product of this early development as well as exchanges and later arrivals by sea with peoples from surrounding region. The chronology of much of this history is not well documented, and many archaeological sites potentially may be dated using state-of-the-art techniques. Monuments that may be targeted for dating possibly include burial cairns and the development of stone-edged rice terraces. Techniques include radiocarbon, optically stimulated luminescence, and radionuclides. Training in aspects of dating methods will be provided as part of the student’s postgraduate study. Success in this role requires collaboration with local stakeholders, Indigenous peoples, scientists and archaeologists in the Philippines.

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