Logo University of GroningenThe Faculty of Arts at the University of Groningen, The Netherlands offers a four-year PhD studentship to complete a PhD on the zooarchaeology of Southwest Asia. The proposed PhD research plan will be embedded in the Groningen Institute of Archaeology (GIA) zooarchaeology working group. Are you an enthusiastic student with a demonstrable interest in zooarchaeology, early empires in Southwest Asia, and political ecology, and have a Master’s degree in archaeology, biology, or anthropology? We are looking for a PhD student who will study the complex dynamics between modes of human-animal interactions (from pastoralism to animal translocations), biodiversity loss, and governance between Late Bronze Age and Late Roman period as part of GIA’s long-standing zooarchaeological research in Southwest Asia, especially in Turkey and Lebanon. The student will participate in fieldwork in these countries, analyze large zooarchaeological assemblages and legacy data, and combine a variety of bioarchaeological methods (e.g. stable isotope analysis) with archaeological and historical sources, traditional ecological knowledge. The student will have access to zooarchaeological reference collections and stable isotope facilities, a travel budget, and training in a large range of academic and transferable skills and gain teaching experience.

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