Offre de thèse : Conserving ruined masonry: managing water regimes to enhance resilience in the face of changing environmental conditions (Oxford)

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Water is the major agent of deterioration of ruined masonry structures, and effective management of water flowing over and within ruins is vital for their conservation. The project aims to provide a holistic evaluation of different strategies to conserve and protect ruined masonry through managing water ingress and egress in order to provide better guidance for English Heritage (EH) and other organisations. This will ensure that ruined masonry structures can be more cost-effectively conserved and more resilient to changing environmental conditions. The objectives are: To review current and potential conservation strategies available for managing moisture movement in ruined masonry; To develop and deploy innovative field monitoring and experiments to provide data on the influence of different conservation strategies identified in objective 1 (with a focus on hard capping and pointing) on water flow regimes over and within ruined walls; To explore innovative numerical modelling methods using data collected in objective 2 to test the influence of changing environmental conditions on the performance of hard capping vs other conservation strategies.

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