Offre de thèse : Ancient astral science in transformation (Berlin)

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The project “ZODIAC – Ancient Astral Science in Transformation” investigates ancient astronomical and astrological practices in the wake of the introduction of the zodiac (ca. 400 BCE – 300 CE) through textual, tabular, iconographic and other sources from Babylonia, Egypt, the Greco-Roman world and beyond. The ZODIAC team is led by Principal Investigator Mathieu Ossendrijver (history of ancient science; Assyriology; astrophysics) and includes postdoctoral researchers in Assyriology, Egyptology, papyrology/classics and digital humanities. The successful applicant will collaborate with Principal Investigator Mathieu Ossendrijver and the ZODIAC team to pursue a PhD project on ancient mathematical astronomy. The preferred topic of the PhD project is to evaluate and interpret developments in the accuracy of astronomical prediction in Babylonia and Greco-Roman Egypt. Preference will be given to candidates with a background in an exact science (astronomy, physics, mathematics, informatics) and a field of ancient philology (Assyriology; classics; Demotic) or history of science. Exceptional candidates without a background in ancient world studies or exact science and other PhD projects on ancient mathematical astronomy within the chronological and geographical scope of ZODIAC will also be considered.

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