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The purpose of the PhD project is to explore the potential for eDNA/sedaDNA analyses to study interactions between humans and environment in Central Norway in the past. The successful project will collect and analyse samples from (or around) archaeological sites within the NTNU University Museum’s district, with a possibility to connect with ongoing excavation projects. The sample contexts will have to be chosen with anintention to: a) supplement our knowledge of human resource use and impact on the environment in the past; and/or b) build regional knowledge about development, changes and variations in the environment in the past. This material will be the focus of the study, but comparisons with other material, data or contexts nationally or globally are welcome. The successful candidate must be able to bridge the field of environmental science and archaeology. He/she must be trained (or able to be trained) in metabarcoding and must be able to discuss the results within a culture historical context.

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