Offre de thèse : Archaeobotany-palaeoecology (Stavanger)


Logo University of StavangerThe University of Stavanger invites applicants for a PhD Fellowship in Archaeobotany or Palaeoecology at the Museum of Archaeology, Department of Archaeological Excavations and Natural Sciences. Museum of Archaeology is home to a strong and dynamic research community in archaeobotany and palaeoecology. Archaeobotany is the study of human exploitation of, and interaction with, plants in the past. Palaeoecology explores past environments and human interactions with nature over the long-term, for example through the study of changes in flora, vegetation, and landscape. The “green transition” is a central theme in the University of Stavanger’s strategic plan, and the museum can make a unique contribution to this by highlighting long-term trends in the development of ecosystems. Studies of past plant use and adaptations to climate change and other natural and anthropogenic environmental changes can provide us with the tools to shape a sustainable future. With this in mind, we at the museum wish to analyse, compare, interpret and synthesise our large corpus of archaeobotanical material from southwest Norway, in order to activate and showcase a part of the collections which is often less visible than archaeological artefacts. Archaeobotanical material is essential for understanding the complex interplay between society and ecology. The successful project will preferentially include material from Museum of Archaeology's collections, which include pollen and plant macrofossils from both archaeological contexts and natural archives such as sediment cores from bogs and lakes. This material can either be the main focus of the study or can be compared with material from other regions in Norway or further afield. It will also be possible to collect and analyse supplementary material.

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