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The project "DORACLE - Development of River, Agricultural, and City Landscapes on the European Lifeline Danube at Straubing/Sorviodurum" investigates the paleoenvironment of the city of Straubing and its surrounding area with special regard to natural river course shifts and hydraulic engineering changes on the Danube and its tributaries, including the chronicle and damaging effects of extreme flood events. The Scientific Assistant or PhD student will be responsible for geoarchaeological investigations on paleosols, sediments, and peet bogs as well as anthropogenic excavation findings within the Old Settlement Area (Altsiedelgebiet) along the Danube River between Regensburg and Straubing with a focus on the cultural landscape development within and around the city of Straubing in close collaboration with the other subproject. This includes physicochemical analysis on sediment and soil samples, prospection of the shallow subsurface and geomorphological analysis.

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