Logo Utrecht UniversityThe Dutch Research Council VICI project “Towards protecting and improving building stones through microbial manipulation of pore structure”, will focus on the understanding of bio-manipulated pore-scale processes inside rocks. The 4-year PhD project aims at understanding fluid-rock interaction in the presence of microbial organisms using advanced 4D imaging techniques. The outcomes of this PhD project will be incorporated into a team-effort to predict the impact of microbial organisms on rock properties and develop smart bio-conservation strategies. The PhD project will develop a protocol for biofilm visualization inside rock by applying X-ray tomography. Via advanced imaging techniques, correlative microscopy strategies with next-generation automated electron microscopy and 4D micro-CT a better understanding into the bacteria-induced pore scale processes will be obtained. Therefore, pathfinder materials will be fully characterized using advanced imaging techniques and lab measurements. After application of specific bacteria on these pathfinder stones in the lab, the induced bio-activity will be characterized

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