Offre de thèse : Migration, diet and health and the first permanent settlers of Belgium: inter- and multi-disciplinary perspectives (Ghent)

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The Faculty of Arts and Humanities (Gent Univ.) is seeking to fill a four-year vacancy in the Department of Archaeology for a Doctoral Grant in the area of Zooarchaeology. The PhD project aims to study the Mesolithic people of Belgium. The researcher is expected to study the animal remains from the open air and burial sites to: 1. Reconstruct the animal protein component of the Mesolithic diet; 2. Provide humanly modified animal material to obtain radiocarbon dates in the absence of human material; 3. Provide reference data for both the isotope and proteome library. These questions will be examined using human skeleton and dental evidence. The faunal remains from the sites will be recorded for species, fragmentation, preservation, evidence for cooking, butchery evidence, pathology and sex. Species determination will be conducted by comparison with reference collections at the Royal Belgian Institute for Natural Sciences, Scladina archaeological centre and Ramioul Prehistomuseum and supplemented with ZooMS for those remains that cannot be species-determined visually, such as small undiagnostic waste fragments and worked tools. Also, a selection of species-determined animal bones will be used for isotope analysis and reference library for proteomics and isotopes in order to reconstruct the animal diet and local environment.

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