Offre de thèse : Virtual reconstruction, interpretation and preservation of the textile artefacts (Oslo)

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The Museum of Cultural History at the University of Oslo is responsible for the management of the Oseberg find, which includes a large collection of textiles. We seek candidates with the potential to conduct novel and creative research on the museum's collection of tapestries from Oseberg within the project ‘Virtual Reconstruction, Interpretation and Preservation of the Textile Artefacts from the Oseberg Find’ (TexRec). The PhD fellow will be part of a larger international group of researchers working with the materiality and significance of the tapestries, and with developing new strategies for conservation of the fabrics. Investigations of the textiles' original dyes and the interrelationships of the single remaining pieces of the highly fragmented tissues will be central to the project, which includes a wide range of research areas within chemistry, computer science, conservation and archaeology. Applicants are invited to propose an archaeological research project within the framework of the TexRec project. Interdisciplinary perspective and scientific boldness will be emphasized in the assessment.

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