Offre de thèse : Reconstructing the chaîne opératoire of Early Medieval copper metallurgy in Southern Morocco (Nicosia)

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The successful applicant will be admitted to the PhD programme Science & Technology in Archaeology and Cultural Heritage of the Cyprus Institute. The researcher will be expected to analyse a range of metallurgical material, including crucibles, slag and some metal, both raw and finished objects. Most of the research will be conducted at STARC using a suite of already-collected material, but the successful applicant is expected to travel to southern Morocco, probably in early 2023, for a month-long field season as part of a team led by colleagues from the l'Institut National des Sciences de l'Archéologie et du Patrimoine (INSAP), Morocco, and the British Museum, UK. The selected candidate for this project is expected to conduct sample selection and documentation in Morocco, sample preparation and analytical work using optical and electron microscopy at STARC, and cooperate with external laboratories for other analytical work, such as trace element and stable heavy isotope analyses. A background in mineralogy and / or process technology in metallurgical systems will be highly advantageous.

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