Offre de thèse : Holocene marine geology and palaeoecology (Exeter)


Logo University of ExeterSEACHANGE aims to quantify the impacts on marine biodiversity and ecosystem functioning across major Holocene cultural transitions using novel and conventional proxies from marine sediment sequences, bivalve mollusc sclerochronologies and archaeological midden remains. This studentship will focus on the reconstruction of marine biodiversity using the totality of well-dated subfossil remains preserved in marine sediments from Antarctica and/or Iceland. The application of appropriate dating techniques will be required to establish age-depth models for late Holocene sediment cores; the analytical focus will be on micro- and macrofossil assemblages. The studentship will involve collaboration with SEACHANGE partners in Copenhagen (eDNA), Mainz (stable isotopes) and in Iceland, and will involve fieldwork and research cruises in northwest Europe. The student will be identifying the ecological impacts of the onset of industrial scale whaling in the Antarctic in the early twentieth century, and/or the Norse settlement of Iceland in 874 AD, on shallow marine ecosystems.

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