Offre de thèse : Palaeoclimatology/dendroclimatology (Trondheim)


The position is associated to the project ClimateCultures: Socio-natural entanglements in Little Ice Age in Norway (1500-1800), financed by the Norwegian Research Council. It asks: what happened the last time Nordic societies encountered rapid climate change? How did climate and culture interact during this Little Ice Age? The interdisciplinary project brings together historians, climatologists, and museum practitioners. It connects the ‘archives of society’ (historical documents/objects) with the “archives of nature” (tree-rings/ice-cores) and disseminates its findings in partnership with museums and Oslo’s new Klimahuset. The PhD candidate at NTNU will focus on the climatic part of the research. The successful candidate will research the climate development in Norway during the Little Ice Age (1500-1800). The work will be based on already published material from multiple proxies as well as on dendroclimatological material gathered during the project. Particular attention should be paid to extreme events (both in the historical and climatic sense). Some of the results can contribute to an exhibition.

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