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The project investigates the Bronze and Iron Age resource cultures of ancient Palestine and their historical role in the development of agriculture in the southern Levant. It involves cooperative, interdisciplinary research between archaeobotanists, biblical archaeologists, and zooarchaeologists, who will integrate and present their analytical results in a central publication project, The Atlas of Agriculture in Ancient Palestine. A main goal of this collaboration is to consider the connection between food and identify formation, focusing on the relationships between people, the environment, and culture. In previous phases of the CRC, we emphasized the use of agricultural resources, and in this coming phase we want to focus on the use of wild taxa and fish, in addition to the use of animals in non-domestic contexts(e.g., rituals or burials). We will address questions of continuity and change in the use of animal resources and how this influences sociocultural development, the role of food resource complexes for the formation of social and political units and their collective identities, as well as on the symbolic meaning of food in agrarian societies. The project will use Kinneret (Israel) as a key case study site for the analysis and integration of results.

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