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The project “The Land flowing with Milk and Honey - Development and Significance of Agrarian Resources in the Bronze and Iron Age southern Levant” investigates the Bronze and Iron Age resource cultures of the southern Levant and their historical role in the development of agriculture of the extended region. The main focus of A05 in the third funding phase (2021-2025) will be on human diet and its role in in the formation of cultural identity. The archaeobotanical research will build on the results of the previous funding phases of the CRC and involve data analysis on the meta level, i.e., particular phenomena such as regional and chronological fluctuations of diverse crop species will be analyzed in detail and placed into context involving archaeological, ethnobotanical and historical data with the goal to uncover the economic, cultural, symbolic and environmental entanglement of ancient crops and their dietary use. A possible outcome of the interregional comparison can be the recognition of different dietary cultures. Macro- and micro-nutrient analysis of existing databases may also be implemented depending on the background and orientation of the PhD candidate. Practical archaeobotanical studies are obligatory and will be realized through participation in the excavation seasons and archaeobotanical sampling at Kinneret (Tell el-‘Orēme) in year 1 and 2 of the funding period.

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