Offre de thèse : Ancient genomics of sheep, domestic animal mobility and Bronze Age migrations (Dublin)

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A four-year PhD studentship is available in the Genetics Dept, Trinity College Dublin, to study the ancient genomics of sheep. The third Millennium BC was a period of extreme flux in Europe, with massive inward human migrations from the Eurasian Steppe. Whether ancient animal genomes accompanied these movements of pastoralists and how they effected livestock economies are open questions. For example, will we find the genomic signatures of woolly sheep emerging, potentially transforming clothing and other textiles for ancient Europeans? The student will engage with aDNA techniques, high throughput sequencing and data analysis. As well as inference about the past, livestock genomics will inform on production traits in modern breeds. The student will work as part of a team investigating a wider ERC-funded project (Ancestral Weave) on ancient cattle, sheep and goat genomics and will involve interaction with archaeological collaborators. Supervision will be by Prof Dan Bradley There will be the opportunity to attend selected international courses and conferences during the project. A background in bioinformatics or mathematical aspects of genetics is a benefit but not a requirement for candidates.

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