Offre de thèse : Palaeo-environment and archaeology (Besançon)

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This PhD project focuses on the vulnerability, resilience and adaptive capacities of Arctic societies to global change. The main objective of this project is to document the spatial and temporal evolution of the relationships between human societies and their environments, in Arctic and sub-Arctic regions that are particularly sensitive to global change: Canada (Labrador) and Greenland (West and East Coast). By comparing the response of the ecosystems to different types of human activities, we will explore the complex interactions between humans and the environment. Pollen and microcharcoal analysis will enable the reconstruction vegetation evolution in link with human and climate impact. Results will be interpreted at the light of historical and archaeological data of study site. In order to better understand environmental and archaeological context, the student will attend summer fieldworks. A part of the project is dedicated to experimenting innovative collaborative research of environmental and social sciences researchers of the InterArctic project with Inuit high-school students and their teachers in order to coproduce the most relevant knowledge about past, present, and future changes that can be documented. In this aim, the student will also have to participate to the collaboration between researchers and Inuit communities.

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