Offre de thèse : Digital traces: polyvocal knowledge representation for colonial heritage (Amsterdam)

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This four-year PhD position is based at the Computer Science department of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, within the framework of the NWA project “Pressing Matter. Ownership, Value and the Question of Colonial Heritage in Museums” a collaborative, interdisciplinary project that responds to the growing contestation over what to do with the colonial heritage held in museums. The candidate will collaborate with experts from different research domains to design, develop and evaluate knowledge representation (KR) patterns and formalisms to allow for a polyvocal representation of heritage objects as well as the provenance of those objects. Current Knowledge Representation methods may result in single-view and potentially biased views on the world. Cultural context and multiple points of view are often hard to represent. This makes them less usable to polyvocal interpretations and radically different conceptualisations. In this project, the PhD candidate will investigate new methods and models for representing polyvocal heritage knowledge, including museum object’s provenance. Secondly, the candidate will investigate ways to elicit this polyvocal knowledge using a variety of methods – including citizen science. Finally, the research will include investigations and development of reusable elements for online and on-site visualizations and exhibitions that can make this information available to experts and non-experts with different backgrounds.

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