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The selected candidate will conduct doctoral research on the specified topic, leading to the submission of a PhD, for which the PhD is anticipated to be registered at The University of Thessaly Greece, with a supervisory team from both institutions. The research will address technological choices and elements of design, through changes in component materials, their treatment and the vessel morphology of transport amphorae from Attica, Greece, from the early third millennium BCE to the 9th century CE. This will include a focus on ceramic production in south-western Attica, about which the research group has been active in recent years. This analytical project involves an anthropologically and archaeologically informed approach to objects, embedded technologies and processes of innovation. It will develop and apply a long-term perspective on the design and technology of transport amphora, viewing them as socially contingent responses to changes in contents, developments in ceramic technology, changes in naval technology, contextualised within a social world in which tradition, reputation, and branding are also important motivations. The materials of these jars changed radically during that time, as did their shape and surface appearance, with important elements of continuity. This is the position ESR11 within the PlaCe-ITN project: Interdisciplinary studies of pre-modern Plasters and Ceramics from the eastern Mediterranean.

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