Offre de thèse : From Roman to Green cement: technological developments and social aspects (Athens)

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The project will explore the influence of different cultures on the architecture and mortar technology in the eastern Mediterranean region, aiming to compare and evaluate the development of building techniques and technological solutions chosen by crafts people through time. It will also focus on the interpretation of physical, chemical and mechanical properties of mortars produced through the centuries(e.g. changes from pure lime and lime with pozzolan mortars to the systematic production of Roman Cement, Cocciopesto (Kourassani), and later, during the 18thcentury AD, the introduction of modern cement), taking into account respective social context(s), their use and initial performance requirements, along with potential cultural interactions and imported technological solutions. This is the position ESR10 within the PlaCe-ITN project: Interdisciplinary studies of pre-modern Plasters and Ceramics from the eastern Mediterranean.

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