Offre de thèse : Drone-based geophysics (Copenhague)

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The project will be conducted in the "Crustal Magnetism Technology & Research Group" of the Division. CMAGTRES is a drone-based research group specialized in hardware/software development and application of drone-based magnetic systems as well as other geophysical mapping systems (Lidar, Photogrammetry, Multispectral and EM). We are soon to start a new project with the purpose of using our novel drone geophysical systems for mapping regional scale structures relating to volcanic systems, green-transition minerals, geothermal reservoirs as well as small-scale structures relating to subsurface archaeology and contamination. In the project, we intend to apply and further optimize existing CMAGTRES geophysical processing routines and carry out integrated analysis of magnetic data in combination with additional drone-based geophysical data sets.

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